Monday, 19 April 2010

Bioshock Live Action Movie

There have been talks of a movie adaptation of BioShock, the popular first-person shooter video game, since quite a while. Not much information has filtered online. It doesn't hinder the rumor mill from working though: Director Gore Verbinski was once said to be attached the project but the rumor then switched to Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (who once brought us 28 Weeks Later) as the potential director who would helm the live action Bioshock movie. Wentworth Miller was also rumored for the lead role as Jack. But the buzz is like on the wane by now... Probably because the film is stuck in pre-production limbo...

"A plane-crash survivor discovers an underwater utopia of sinister origins."

IMDb is still listing the movie Bioshock for a release in 2010. So I guess there is still some hope for the film to ever really happen. But I really doubt that BioShock would be released before 2011, or even 2012...

Anyway, if this live action Bioshock movie finally goes ahead, do you have any suggestion regarding the plot? Do you see a particular detail that would definitely need to show up in the film?